71: Success on Your Terms with Dr. Shellie Hipsky

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

How do you define success? Maybe you feel that you must dress or act a certain way in order to feel successful. But what if we told you that isn’t true? Today, Erin and Rachel are joined by special guest, Dr. Shellie Hipsky to talk about what success truly means and how you can reach it!

You’ll hear more about:

  • Shellie’s favorite entrepreneurial success secret
  • How you can navigate through all the noise
  • One of the most important things you need to be doing on your entrepreneurial journey
  • The only place you need to look in order to feel successful
  • Why being true to yourself is so powerful
  • Beliefs that may be holding you back
  • The best approach to getting what you want
  • The key to achieving balance in your life
  •  ... 

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