84: Temptation Island to Authentic Self with Kate Griffith

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

Ever wonder what it's like to watch yourself on a reality TV show? Only to realize that you weren’t even being your authentic self? This happened to today’s guest, Kate Griffith when she was on the Temptation Island.

Kate joins the girls to discuss her time on Temptation Island and how it helped her to transform her life into one of truth and authenticity.

The girls talk more about:

  • What led Kate to go on Temptation Island
  • The vicious cycle she was in for a long time
  • What shadow work is and how it has helped Kate take ownership of who she is
  • The false sense of confidence she had after leaving the show
  • How Kate processes the negative comments
  • The moment when she realized she wasn’t being her authentic self
  • How Kat ... 

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