90: Money Confidence with Elizabeth Hand

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

By 2030, women will control 2/3rds of our nation’s wealth. Yet, we don’t talk openly about money, our desire to make more money or how we can create financial security for ourselves. So how can we fix this? Today’s guest, Elizabeth Hand, is a Certified Financial Planner who helps women gain confidence and clarity around their money decisions. She chats with Erin and Rachel all about the right steps you can take to make the best money decisions for YOU!

You’ll hear more about:

  • Why the conversation about money needs to be different with women
  • The #1 key to women having success with money
  • Elizabeth’s top tips for managing your finances
  • Small financial tweaks you can make today for financial security
  • Two big things that are musts for long term growth and success

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