104: What is Normal? Overcoming Comparison and Shame

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

What is normal? Is it okay to not be “normal”? In today’s society, there are a lot of norms or what we believe to be the standard. These standards cause us to compare and shame ourselves when we don’t fit into the norm. So how can we get past this? Today, in part 3 of our 12-week series, Rachel Brooks and Erin Klein are talking all about what is normal and how to accept you just as you are!

We'll be highlighting:

❥ The spheres of influence around you

❥ The effect social media and TV have on your perceptions

❥ The ideal image of what a woman SHOULD look, act, and be

❥ The comparison “gap” we fall into if not measuring up to others

❥ And so much more!


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