Getting Back To Your True Self with Kamini Wood

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

Have you struggled with finding your way back to your true self, especially as a people pleaser, overachiever, or perfectionist? Kamini Wood is a Certified Life Coach who is all about helping others heal their relationship with themselves so they can shine, and she shares how you can do the same!

Kamini and Rachel talk about:

  • Kamini's two awakening moments led her to totally transform her life

  • How to navigate your identity shift when others aren't used to the "new you"

  • A powerful mindset shift for people pleasers struggling to hold boundaries

  • How Kamini helps people get crystal clear on who they truly are

  • The importance of a gratitude practice when struggling with your inner critic

  • How you can grow self-compassion

  • How to  ... 

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