From Victim to Victor: Mastering Your Mindset & Health with Dr. Tabatha Barber

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

Have you been struggling with chronic fatigue, heavy and painful periods, or feeling stuck in negative thought loops? Did you know that our hormones have a huge impact on our mood, energy, and mindset...and that there are simple diet and lifestyle changes you can make to keep your hormones balanced, so you can feel your most vibrant, healthy, happy matter your age?

Dr. Tabatha Barber, known as The Gutsy Gynecologist, is a triple board-certified Functional OB/GYN who helps women balance their hormones naturally and holistically. After being in the broken healthcare system herself for the first time as a teen mom, and again as a physician, she found her true passion and purpose to help women REALLY heal the ROOT cause of their issues.

We discuss:

  • How Dr. Tabatha's traumatic pregnancy and birth as  ... 

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