#1 Quantum Computing – with Mark Jackson

The Chameleons Podcast by Imac Zambrana

Episode notes
In this first Episode of the Chameleons podcast, we meet Dr. Mark Jackson, Senior Quantum Evangelist at Quantinuum. The conversation will focus on how quantum computing is applied in technological solutions today, some historical anecdotes and technological potential of quantum in the future. Quantum computing combines physics, computer science, and engineering. It is a new interdisciplinary field, and the development of modern quantum computers has tremendous implications for complex problem solving, beyond classical computing. Understanding what quantum computing is, its potential and implications is crucial for stakeholders and people in general, due to the wide-ranging and rapid advancements we see in this field today. A brief recommended reading list:1. Jackson, M. (2017). 6 Things Quantum Computers Will Be Incredibly Useful Fo ...   ...  Read more