The Boom Box

by AP&M Group

Your auditory gateway to the eclectic, vibrant world of independent music. This podcast is a platform for the undiscovered, the underrated, and the up-and-coming, where we celebrate the creativity and passion that fuels the indie music scene.

Each episode of 'The BoomBox' dives deep into the heartbeat of independent music. We discuss songs, dissect their meanings, interview the artists behind them, and showcase the bes ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • New Voices, Deeper Beats

    New Voices, Deeper Beats

    Dive into the new season of 'The BoomBox' as we turn the volume up on independent music's diverse universe. Host Sammy, together with our dedicated producer, Steven Daniel, introduces a fresh perspective by expanding our family of hosts. Discover why more voices mean a richer experience, and journey with us deeper into the indie ethos. This episode serves as a doorway to a season filled with a wider spectrum of genres, stories, and soundscapes. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Season 1

  • Cosplay Audio

    Cosplay Audio

    Sammy unravels the unexplored aspect of cosplay audio, revealing how cosplay transcends the costume. Don't miss this unique exploration of audio's role in enhancing the cosplay experience.

  • How Music Can Change The Scene

    How Music Can Change The Scene

    Sammy delves into the transformative power of music on a scene's mood. She experiments with a single dialogue scene, altering only the music, resulting in a captivating demonstration of mood shifts.

  • Leitmotifs


    Join Sammy in a fascinating discussion on music and leitmotifs. Discover the essential role of leitmotifs in entertainment, featuring examples from the beloved Super Mario franchise.

  • Voice Acting

    Voice Acting

    Sammy takes a deep dive into the intriguing life of a voice-over artist, discussing voice acting and recording etiquette. Glean invaluable advice on perfecting your record, like mastering the art of the controlled scream.