Krill: The unsung heroes of the ocean

The Birdy Bug Pod by Matthew and Steve

Episode notes

They mitigate the impacts of climate change, support a plethora of species (including the largest animals on earth), and are often called the linchpin of the Antarctic. Krill may be small, but they are massively important.

Grab a coffee and join us as we dive into the frosty waters of the Antarctic and explore just how and why these small crustaceans are so vital and the worrying challenges they are facing.

We were blown away during our research by what we learnt about krill and of course concerned about the future of their populations.


00:00:00 Intro & catchup

00:03:08 The world of krill

00:16:35 Threats & challenges facing krill

00:34:18 Possible solutions & positives

00:48:07 Wrap up

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