The Birdy Bug Pod

by Matthew and Steve

Just a father and son who are passionate about wildlife, photography and the environment. Grab a coffee and join us as we chat about doing our bit for the planet, interesting news stories and the incredible work being done around the world that gives us hope. Oh, and we'll probably have a good natter about our photographic escapades from time to time too. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E13 - SustainabiliTEA

    S01 E13 - SustainabiliTEA

    We've done coffee, now we are tackling tea! The second most consumed drink after water, this week we are delving into the sustainability of tea. So, grab a cuppa and join us as we learn what tea really is, whether there are enviro...

  • S01 E12 - The UK's fastest declining mammal

    S01 E12 - The UK's fastest declining mammal

    Water voles were once common across the UK, however their populations have plummeted by 97% since the 1970s. As our fastest declining mammal, they are now a rare sight.Grab a coffee and settle in as we look at what happened to our...

  • S01 E11 - Remarkable Seagrass!

    S01 E11 - Remarkable Seagrass!

    This episode we are chatting all things seagrass! Sometimes called "the most important habitat that no one has heard of" we wanted to shine some light on this incredible plant. So, grab a coffee and join us as we learn about what ...

  • S01 E10 - Our 10th Episode!

    S01 E10 - Our 10th Episode!

    Our little podcast has made it to 10 episodes! To mark the occasion, we have an episode filled with all manner of things centered around the number 10. From 10 facts about ourselves to 10 conservation/environmental goals we would ...

  • S01 E09 - Positive nature news

    S01 E09 - Positive nature news

    There is no better way to start the new year than with a collection of positive nature news stories! Following a short hiatus due to illness over Christmas, we are ending 2022 and kicking off 2023 on a positive note. From species ...