Ode to a nightingale

The Birdy Bug Pod by Matthew and Steve

Episode notes

After a week of hearing their captivating song in Croatia, we just had to do an episode on the nightingale. Known for producing one of the most beautiful songs in nature, this visually plain but audibly stunning bird is unfortunately struggling and in the UK their populations have seen a massive decline. They need our help.

Join us as we learn all about the nightingale, from their cultural impact on poetry, operas, and radio broadcasts, to the environmental threats they are facing. We of course, also look at the invaluable work being carried out to save this incredible bird.


As always, please do feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback, comments, or just want to say hi! Let us know if you have ever seen or heard a nightingale and what was your favourite fact about them?The easiest way to get ... 

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