An introduction to reintroductions

The Birdy Bug Pod by Matthew and Steve

Episode notes

Reintroducing species, bringing those lost back and bolstering those that are on the verge of disappearing.

Join us in this episode as we delve into the world of reintroductions. We look at what it really takes to make reintroduction projects succeed and how work to bring one species back can have far reaching conservation benefits.

We also dive into some very well and some lesser-known UK reintroduction success stories.

We had a great time researching and recording this episode and it could have easily gone on for hours. It is always nice to cover positive stories of when conservation efforts work. We hope you enjoy listening.


As always, please do feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback, comments, or just want to say hi! What is your favourite reintroduction success story and w ... 

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