Suicide prevention, the early signs to look for and why men need to talk more, with Steve Phillip

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

One of the most important conversations I’ve had so far.

Steve Phillip is the founder of The Jordan Legacy, a suicide prevention charity created in the wake of Steve’s son Jordans suicide.

Using his platform on Linkedin, Steve now delivers talks, runs the charity and uses his voice to help break the stigma around suicide and help those suffering.

I’ve had my own experiences with these feelings. I’m proud to say I made it out of the other side, but so many sadly don’t

We discussed why it’s such an issue for men in particular, how The Jordan Legacy was founded, the practical actions to prevent suicide and some early signs to look out for if you’re worried about someone in your life.

Seems biased for me to say this I know, but this is essential listening. I hope you enjoy and take something from it!

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