#115 Holly Morris - Explaining life with ADHD, being a positive influence and the importance of therapy

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

This one's been a long time coming, stoked to finally get Holly on the pod!

I first met Holly way back in 2020, since then it's been awesome to watch her on social media explode into the force she is now, providing real talk and a lot of fun to so many people.

After her being diagnosed with ADHD, she got the answers as to why she often felt so different to others, we delved right into this and why life once diagnosed as neurodivergent can almost seem easier as you can settle into your skin a bit more.

We touched on the dangers of social media, the juxtaposition of her status as an 'influencer' and trying to showcase real life while being entertaining and playing the game, the dangers of comparison on socials, especially for young women and more.

Finally, and a big subject for me right now having just restarted it, the ben ... 

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