#114 Georgie Spurling - Why wellness doesn't need to be a privilege and the benefits of habit stacking

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

Great to be joined on the pod this week by Georgie Spurling!

Georgie is the founder and CEO of Arvra, a wellness app aimed at giving people the tools they need to live a better life, whether it’s physical or mental fitness they’re looking to work on.

In the episode we got into why wellness can be viewed as something that people with privilege can take advantage of, why Georgie relies on ‘Habit Stacking’, the effect of moving your body on your mental health, why it can sometimes be too much on social media, intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, nutrition and a whole lot more.

An extremely valuable conversation with a great ambassador for the wellness movement, some really refreshing takes in here that I hope you can enjoy and take something away from.