Why mental health needs to be discussed more in extreme sports, with Ryan Peacock

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

Great to be joined this week by Pro Wakeboarder, coach and vlogger, Ryan Peacock!

After I saw the documentary Ryan created alongside the Dirty Habits guys down in Cape Town all about mental health within extreme sports, I wanted to get him on for a longer conversation about why it's still such a taboo subject within this industry and the power he gained from speaking out about his struggles.

From the idea and pressure of always trying to look like you're living the dream, the effects of social media and content creation on the life of a pro athlete to dealing with injuries, we touched on so many aspects of life as a pro athlete in the extreme sports world.

Something really interesting Ryan talked about was his role as a coach now and how he's striving to make extreme sports more inclusive and encourage people of all shapes, size ... 

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