Staying calm under pressure, managing teams and organising a busy brain, with Adam Sims

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

This week I'm joined again for round 2 by Mr Adam Sims!

Adam is the CEO and Director of the Freestyle Pro Tour, CEO of AALVAA Media and professional windsurfer.

One of the first remote guests I had on when starting this podcast, I thought it was time to bring Adam back on to discuss all that has happened since, how he's made the transition from a pro athlete to a business man and all the lessons learned along the way.

We discussed how he prioritises his life, juggling multiple jobs and commitments, how he stays so calm under pressure and the way he chooses to deal with people.

Given I now work for the tour also, this was really fun for me to get a bit more into it with Adam about how he goes about creating the team around him, why for him it's all about collaboration rather than a hierarchy and a whole lot more.

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