What Are the Best Stretches for Runners?

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

Want to know the best stretches for runners? If you answered yes, you need this episode!

Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:56] Motion vs Flexibility

- Runners benefit from some muscle tension, but should focus on having good range of motion in all joints

- Examples of common stretches like hanging feet off a curb or pulling leg back to quad

- Sitting on feet is a more efficient alternative to pulling leg back

[02:33] Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

- Dynamic stretching involves movement, taking muscles and joints through their range of motion

- Examples include seated hip openers, opposite hand to opposite leg, and arm circles

- Static stretching involves holding stretches

- A mix of dynamic and static stretching can be used depending on whether it's before or after a run

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