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by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

RunRX is the prescription for running pain-free. With two decades of teaching running technique, Coach Valerie knows a lot about how to run without pain. Coach Caroline works with Valerie on the mindset of the athletes in their membership. Join them as they answer questions and talk about topics that many runners have asked and some that they don't realize they should ask. RSSVERIFY

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  • [REPLAY] What shoes should I buy?

    [REPLAY] What shoes should I buy?

    Short episode summaryIt’s not the shoes that make the runner. In fact, the shoes can actually be what hurts the runner. More impact on your body is never the goal if you hope to run pain-free. Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline are busting the myths of running shoes, the mistakes they see made when analyzing elite runners, how to reduce the impact on your run, and more in this episode. And, Coach Valerie even has some interesting insights on why kids run better than adults do.Timestamps of big takeaways[00:46] Coach Valerie explains why landing is a word she doesn't like[2:04] Coach Valerie shares the bad advice she was given at a running shoe store that can lead to running injuries[2:50] Coach Valerie talks about the mistake that is made when analyzing elite runners[3:43] Coach Valerie shares how to reduce the impact on your run[4:20] Coach Valerie discusses how we learn the wrong way to run, and we need to go back to running naturally the way kids do[6:16] Coach Valerie addresses the problem with most shoes that are sold for running, and what you really need to wear for proper running technique[7:12] Coach Valerie talks about the fact that people who wear cushioned shoes are actually more prone to running injuriesRate, Review & Subscribe ReminderDon’t forget to like and subscribe to our show. You can also rate and review our show on iTunes! We’re on Spotify as well, or you can listen to our show directly on here.Links mentioned in episode questions? Email us at

  • Trends in running

    Trends in running

    Short episode summaryWhat are the hottest trends in running? Coaches Caroline and Valerie explore that very subject in this episode!Timestamps of big takeawaysMore Beginners Are Getting Into Running[00:21] Research shows more beginners who have never run before are taking up running, especially women ages 35-65.Goals Are More Recreational[02:20] These new runners seem less competitive and more focused on enjoying running rather than performance.[02:28] Coach Valerie talks about running her first marathon back in 2000 when marathons were less popular.Older vs Younger Runners[04:16] Coach Valerie shares how she initially worked with older runners, moms getting back in shape. But now sees more beginners in their 30s/40s.Pandemic's Influence on Running[06:34] The pandemic made running more accessible and popular with basic gear and virtual communities.[07:04] Many new runners still aspire to run major marathons like New York and Boston someday.Late Registration Trend[08:12] Around 25% of 5K/10K registrations happen in the week leading up to the race, indicating more last-minute decisions.Be Race-Ready[09:54] With proper run training, runners should feel confident signing up for a 5K or 10K on short notice since running fitness is maintained.[11:29] With the RunRX immersion and membership, runners can maintain their fitness level so they are ready to sign up for races on short notice.Rate, Review & Subscribe ReminderDon’t forget to like and subscribe to our show. You can also rate and review our show on Apple Podcasts! We’re on Spotify as well!Links to check out-- FREE 30 day reboot on YouTube by RunRX Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Have questions? Email us at

  • The nuance of running

    The nuance of running

    Short episode summaryWhat do technique, mindset, and embracing gravity have to do with running? They can all help you become a more efficient, resilient, and mentally strong runner. Tune in and learn more!Timestamps of big takeawaysLearning to Run is Like Playing the Piano[00:22] Coach Caroline explains how after learning the basics of the gait cycle, runners can progress into the nuances like technique, effort, timing etc. Just like with playing the piano.Getting Past the Mechanics[01:58] When first learning, runners tend to focus solely on the physical mechanics rather than the overall feeling and rhythm. Coach Valerie talks about helping runners get comfortable and let go.[03:20] Coach Valerie didn’t play the piano, but she did take organ lessons, and learning that wasn’t easy. But, you get to a place where you just have to plink the keys and a song does come out.Knowing When Runners are Ready for a Challenge[06:01] Coach Valerie gauges runners' readiness for advanced techniques through assessments of their movement, flexibility, and injuries.[08:07] It’s neat to see when people recognize they are feeling something different. It clicks and they can just feel themselves running correctly.[08:50] When people let go and feel the feeling, it feels good. When people hold back, it’s sometimes harder for them to feel how good it can feel to run pain free.[09:47] You have to let yourself fall and then feel the pose and pull. When you pose, fall, pull, your body can naturally respond and really enjoy your movement.Running Your First Marathon[12:30] Coach Valerie shares a story about a RunRX member that ran his first marathon. He came to us with pain, and got to the point he could run pain free.[14:11] It didn’t happen overnight, and he never ran more than 14 miles in his training. He just got comfortable with running.Letting Your Body Catch Up[15:05] Runners should not simply run to increase their mileage too quickly. It’s important to allow the body to catch up to your training if you hope to avoid injury.[16:16] If you want to be able to handle a marathon, you need to be able to run consistently, and with good form for at least two hours.It’s Not All About the Miles[17:29] Coach Valerie wants you to be able to run as many miles as you want to. But, you need to be coachable, and willing to learn how to do it with the right form.[18:27] When you’re comfortable with your body and your ability, and you have the right mindset, you can do amazing things with your running and your racing.[19:26] Once runners get comfortable with the ability to run continuously, it gives them the confidence to take on longer distances mentally.Unclutter Your Mind[20:58] Eliminating unhelpful thoughts while running helps runners focus on the enjoyment of running.Rate, Review & Subscribe ReminderDon’t forget to like and subscribe to our show. You can also rate and review our show on Apple Podcasts! We’re on Spotify as well!Links to check out-- Have questions? Email us at

  • Runners high

    Runners high

    Short episode summaryIn this episode of The RunRX Podcast, learn how to achieve the euphoric "runner's high" through proper running form, mechanics, and consistent training that reconnects your mind and body.Timestamps of big takeawaysWhat is the Runner's High?[00:22] A lot of people disconnect from the feeling of running by focusing on data[01:07] There’s been an unfortunate shift from enjoying running to obsessing over mileage and pace[02:30] Some people will panic if they can’t get a certain number of miles and/or runs in before a race[03:02] Running goes from stress reliever to the cause of their stressInjury Leading to Rethinking Running[03:15] Coach Valerie explains how an injury forced her to re-examine running form and efficiency[04:08] Coach Valerie had to learn what running was, and learn the proper running mechanics to reconnect with the joy of movementRunning Drills for Efficient Movement[06:13] When you’re working out, you can get your heart rate up, and even do running drills with music/metronome to develop rhythm and form[07:10] Learning the right form of movement might feel awkward at first but it leads to "Aha!" momentsAchieving the Runner's High[08:47] Connecting to your body's movement creates a feeling of weightlessness. That effortless feeling is the runner's high, and then we try to consistently chase itMaintaining the Feeling[10:08] It takes time and consistency to regularly reach the runner's high. You must keep up proper training/movement to hold that feelingWe’d Love to Work with You![10:52] Visit to learn more and sign up for coaching, and email questions to be answered on future podcast episodes at support@runrx.fitRate, Review & Subscribe ReminderDon’t forget to like and subscribe to our show. You can also rate and review our show on Apple Podcasts! We’re on Spotify as well!Links to check out-- FREE 30 day reboot on YouTube by RunRX Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Have questions? Email us at

  • Lifting weights for runners

    Lifting weights for runners

    Short episode summaryThis episode of The RunRX Podcast dives into strength training principles and techniques runners can use to prevent injury, improve performance, and properly integrate strength work into their running regimen.Timestamps of big takeawaysDiscussing Strength Training for Runners[00:22] We like common strength training exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc…Injury Prevention and Recovery Through Strength Training[02:38] Many runners start with an injury. Strength training helps you prevent future injuries and recover from current ones[03:26] It might be a good idea to adding weights/progressions for runners who already have some basic strengthModifying Strength Training for Your Needs[03:59] Exercises should be focused on proper movement and technique, not just high reps[05:03] Training should be tailored to your current abilities, not pre-set expectations. In other words, scaling exercises should be based on your strengths, limitations, and goalsStrength and Running Parallels[05:22] Coach Valerie discusses strength training sets/reps compared to interval running trainingCoaching Cues for Proper Movement[07:26] Coach Valerie spends some time breaking down movements piece-by-piece like the running gait cycle. Getting feedback to improve movement patterns over time can make a world of difference in your runningOverview of Upcoming Strength Training[09:12] Coaches Valerie and Caroline share myths and approaches to strength training methods like CrossFit, HIIT training, and Circuit TrainingIntegrating Strength and Running Training[11:03] Coach Caroline discusses how helpful it is to work with Coach Valerie, connecting strength exercises to running mechanics, and doing the immersion running program alongside new strength program[12:20] Coach Valerie shares that when she taught aerobics, she wasn’t really able to correct people on their form. Watching and being able to give feedback is huge though![13:41] When you work with RunRX though, you get the running feedback about how you’re moving and the strength training for a better run overallHow to Work with RunRX[14:50] Coaches Caroline and Valerie share how you can work with RunRXRate, Review & Subscribe ReminderDon’t forget to like and subscribe to our show. You can also rate and review our show on Apple Podcasts iTunes! We’re on Spotify as well!Links to check out-- FREE 30 day reboot on YouTube by RunRX Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Have questions? Email us at