What Are the Benefits of Cross-training for Runners?

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

Can cross-training supercharge your running performance and keep injuries at bay? Tune in and find out!

Timestamps of big takeaways

Benefits of Cross-Training

[01:17] There is a common misconception of cross-training as just another cardio session. But, it can include strength training.

Strength Training for Running

[02:46] Strength training for running is about getting strong enough to hold and balance one's body weight, which is crucial for peak running performance.

[03:55] Strength training plans RunRX has developed can be done in conjunction with running because they focus on body weight exercises rather than heavy lifting.

Bodyweight Exercises

[05:31] Bodyweight exercises are sufficient for most runners, but RunRX does offer options for adding dumbbells or barbells for those wh ... 

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