Get Restarted

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

In this episode, Coaches Caroline and Valerie dish on the contradictory running advice in magazines, introduce their 4-week RunRX Reboot for resilient running, and share tips for maintaining joy on the roads while avoiding injury.

Timestamps of big takeaways

The Problem with Running Magazine Advice

[00:36] Running magazines often give contradictory advice, like improving your stride in one article and saying not to overthink running form in another. These are just some of the mixed messages runners receive.

The Fear of Losing Running Joy

[01:09] New clients often fear training will replace running joy with constant drills and exercises. She aims to enhance joy through balanced training.

The Need for Consistent Baseline Exercises

[02:09] Doing a consistent minimum of mobility, strength, an ... 

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