The Need for Speed

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

At the risk of sounding like a Tom Cruise movie quote, if you feel the need for speed, you should rush to tune into this episode of the RunRX Podcast!

Timestamps of big takeaways

Speeding to the Finish Line

[00:34] Coach Valerie discusses the quote about "the need for speed" that caught her attention. It highlighted the benefits of speed work beyond just VO2 max.

Importance of Speed Work

[01:11] The benefits of speed work for running economy, form, muscle recruitment, and communication between the brain and muscles. However, there is a misunderstanding that speed work is only for performance.

Introducing Speed Through Drills

[03:19] RunRX introduces speed work through short distance drills. We have runners try sprinting in place or for 3-5 strides to get the fee ... 

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