Why We Don't Race Anymore

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

Why don't Coaches Caroline and Valerie race anymore? Tune into this episode to find out!

Timestamps of big takeaways

Why The RunRX Coaches Don't Race Anymore

[00:45] Coach Valerie explains that as a coach, it's hard to properly train yourself while also training others. After 17 years of racing and coaching, she transitioned to just coaching so she could focus on her members.

Different Types of Members

[01:30] Coach Valerie explains they have members recovering from injury, currently injured, as well as those not racing who just want to run consistently. The membership accommodates all of these different needs.

[03:35] Coach Caroline shares that she didn't enjoy the logistics of racing - waking up early, driving, parking, etc. The motivation to run became less about the race itself.

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