Running Hard Vs. Letting Go

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

Want to learn how to run faster without overexertion? You need this episode! Tune in now.

Timestamps of big takeaways

Differentiating Hard Running vs. Speed Running

[00:36] There is a difference between running hard and running fast. Many runners push too much effort trying to go faster rather than improving efficiency.

Teaching Proper Running Efficiency

[02:13] We teach runners proper technique so running feels easier and they can go faster without overexertion. This involves drills to get comfortable with new movements.

Letting Yourself Fall vs. Running Hard

[04:43] Coach Valerie elaborates on "letting yourself fall" vs. running hard. She explains good form allows lighter leg turnover at faster speeds.

Elite Runners Make It Look Effortless

[06:30] Elite runners appear relaxe ... 

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