Mindset about running after 50

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

Episode notes

In this episode we discuss training techniques to help runners over 50 regain strength, improve movement patterns, and achieve new personal bests through virtual coaching and an immersive approach.

Timestamps of big takeaways

Mindset of Running After 50

[00:22] Coaches Caroline and Valerie discuss the mindset of running after age 50. They share a story about one of their runners who is over 50 and has regained strength and posture through their training program.

Over 50 Runner Regains Speed and Sets New Goals

[03:44] Coach Valerie shares how our 50+ runner worked on alignment and efficiency to get back to racing pain-free. She now has the confidence to push her performance and set new age-group goals.

Immersion Training for Injury Recovery

[05:38] The "immersion" training that RunRx uses  ... 

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