The nuance of running

The RunRX Podcast by Coach Valerie & Coach Caroline

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What do technique, mindset, and embracing gravity have to do with running? They can all help you become a more efficient, resilient, and mentally strong runner. Tune in and learn more!

Timestamps of big takeaways

Learning to Run is Like Playing the Piano

[00:22] Coach Caroline explains how after learning the basics of the gait cycle, runners can progress into the nuances like technique, effort, timing etc. Just like with playing the piano.

Getting Past the Mechanics

[01:58] When first learning, runners tend to focus solely on the physical mechanics rather than the overall feeling and rhythm. Coach Valerie talks about helping runners get comfortable and let go.

[03:20] Coach Valerie didn’t play the piano, but she did take organ lessons, and learning t ... 

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