Navigating Healing through Grief & Loss: A Conversation with Liz Peterson

The Road to Rediscovery by Aubrey Johnson

Episode notes

We sit down with Liz Peterson, a Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, and host of the podcast "Raise the Vibe with Liz".

Liz shares her personal journey of healing and growth after experiencing the loss of her grandparents, biological father, and mother. In her book, "Mom died last night: My Shared Experience", Liz opens up about her own grief and offers insights on the difference between healing and grieving.

We delve into the fascinating topic of how our loved ones can continue to connect with us, even after they have passed, including through dreams and other signs.

Aubrey also shares his unexpected experience of connecting with his father, whom he lost 17 years ago. This episode offers inspiration and guidance for anyone navigating the complex landscape of loss and healing.To learn more about Liz and her work, listen to her pod ... 

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