Balancing Love and Success: Naketa Ren Thigpen's Journey to Empowering Power Couples

The Road to Rediscovery by Aubrey Johnson

Episode notes

In this powerful episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Naketa Ren Thigpen, the esteemed #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor, and CEO of ThigPro. With a wealth of certifications, including Trauma Specialist, Psychotherapist, and Relationship Coach,

Naketa is the go-to coach for married power couples seeking to find harmony in both their personal and professional lives.Join us as Naketa takes us on a deeply personal journey, sharing glimpses of her early, dysfunctional upbringing and how she cultivated resilience and curiosity amidst it all. She unveils the profound impact of "divorcing yourself" and sheds light on the concept of "expired expectations".

Through her wisdom and experience, Naketa provides invaluable insights into the delicate art of balancing love and success, helping us all discover the keys to thriving in bot ... 

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