S01 E29 - The Pursuit of Good Works Lab

The Pursuit Of... by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson
Ryan and Mark sit down with Ty Schmidt from Good Works Lab today to discuss his experience in driving positive social change, the inception of Good Works Lab, and his love for Northwestern Michigan among many other things. Good Works Lab is a one-stop shop, full-service social change agency for organizations, citizen-led initiatives, and  ...  See more
May 25 2022

The Pursuit Of Podcast, a purely guest-centric show focusing on people and organizations
that advance positive change.
Positivity can be anywhere, and in a time of vast discord, The Pursuit Of is finding
those who champion its cause as loudest.
Join us as we sit and learn about the pursuits of local leaders and their community.
Let's go.
Hello, good people, and welcome to The Pursuit Of Podcast, where it's truly not us, it's
I'm Ryan Buck, Artist Development, New Leonard Media.
With me is the boss, Mark Wilson, President, New Leonard Media.
How are you?
Hey, Ryan.
I'm doing great.
I got a tan, sunny beaches.
You do look like that is enough of that.
Our guest today is Ty Schmidt, founder, Good Works Lab here in Traverse City.
Welcome to the show, sir.
Hi, Ryan.
Thanks for having me.

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