Feiku To Homo: The Nuke Hoax Pt 4

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, Hollis, Grognak, and Jack

Episode notes

Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull and Jack are joined by Chief Gus for the 4th installment of the “nuclear question”!

Nuclear power, how does it (supposedly) really work? If it doesn’t make bombs, what can it be used for? Have the famous disasters of 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima been completely fabricated or is there an element of truth?

Get /comfy/ and enjoy the show!

Panel: Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, and Jack

Guest: Chief Gus

Break Music: Dragon-Sickness, by Iratus Vir

Creepypasta: Chinese Antarctic Expedition: 1930, Read by Jack