TNE: Distractions Distracting Distractingly

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Dogbot, Jack, and Grognak

Episode notes

Let's check in on the Midwest, shall we?

  • Chemical trainwrecks all over the continent-wide strip mall.

  • Poison gas clouds coming to a water source near you!

  • “UFO's” trending mainstream news.

  • Special report from truther expert Tom Green

More Black History Month!

  • The guys discuss the greatest Cinderella story of all time (it’ll just warm your little heart)

  • Kamala Harris’ (gross) face/off reveal

  • Kanye and Groypers are back in the j*w news!

  • Damar Hamlin zombie spongebob Jesus clone?

    Panel: Johnny, Reinhardt, Grognak, and Fash Gordon

    Break Music: Hamlet’s Mill, by The_Texture

    Necronormiecon: Fluoride, Pt.1, read by Dog ... 

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