To Sink or Scrap: The Titanic (Olympic) Conspiracy Part 2

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, Hollis, Grognak, and Jack

Episode notes

Thanks to the Ocean Gate “submarine story”, the Titanic conspiracies have been dug out of the attic. So, Johnny, Skull, and Jack take you back to 1912, only to go beyond the official, graduated animal farm conspiracy narrative with a completely new take on this famous tale

.>Titanic, Olympic, or Scrap?

>Guggenheim, Astor and Strauss: ackshually assassinated, or just part of the multi-layer story?

>Captain Smith: the rootinest, tootinest rodeo ship captain you ever did see

.>JP Morgan and Lucky Larry Silverstein’s Fortuitous Sick Days

>James Cameron’s 33 trips to the Abyss

>Is there even anything actually down there?

>Did the Titanic OR the Olympic even sink at all?

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Panel: Johnny, Alt Skull, Jack