30: Desire, Libido, and Orgasm in Midlife with Pauline Ryeland

The Midlife Momentum Podcast by Debbie Harbec

Episode notes

Are you less than excited about your sex life?

Or suffer from low libido?

My guest, Pauline Ryeland, aka Intimacy Whisperer, helps you get your libido back, experience orgasm, and discover your sexual energy in midlife.

She says that as we get older, many of us fool ourselves into believing that we don't need to connect with our sexual selves.

But when we deny expressing that part of who we are, we're not fully alive.

So, I hope you enjoy this episode and embrace your full self this Valentine's Day.💗

Enjoy the episode!


P.S. Here's the Youtube video recording: https://youtu.be/2FZbIa8INjE

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