The Antifada

by Sean KB and AP Andy

Communist podcast exploring political economy, history and the class struggle with AP Andy, Sean KB and guests. Become a patron to enjoy bonus content, access to our Discord community and more at: twitter: @the\_antifada @spaceprole @as\_a\_worker email: antifadamindset at gmail streaming:

Podcast episodes

  • E249 - Raising Debs w/ Reid Kane

    E249 - Raising Debs w/ Reid Kane

    Sean and Andy are joined by Reid Kane to discuss the tortured legacy of the Socialist Party of America. Why doesn't the United States have a nominally working class party like the UK, where unions formed the institutional base for an independent party? How come state repression was so effective in undermining working class self-organization in the early-20th century? In which ways did the Old Left and the New Left fail to learn the lessons of the SPUSA and why are we still stuck with the Stalin-era Popular Front? Reid gives a powerful account of American socialism past and how we might vindicate the struggles of past generations. This is an extended preview of the full episode. To access this bonus content and much more, become a patron today at Works by Reid: YouTube series on American socialism Writings in Sublation Magazine

  • E248 - Grossman's Revenge w/ Ted Reese

    E248 - Grossman's Revenge w/ Ted Reese

    Sean is joined by friend of the show, Ted Reese, to discuss his brand new book: Abundant Material Wealth for All. How does Henryk Grossman's breakdown theory help us understand the economics and politics of this current moment? In what ways are crisis tendencies affecting the United States and the UK? What type of program should socialists offer as a way out of the crisis? Join us in fleshing out Ted's expansive vision for how we might overcome the current crisis and build a world with abundant material wealth for all as its basis. Order the book: Free PDFs for all coming out this month! Song: Kendrick - Humble

  • ARMED LOVE 10 - The Cultural Revolution w/ Ralf Ruckus

    ARMED LOVE 10 - The Cultural Revolution w/ Ralf Ruckus

    For the tenth episode of our series about the revolutionary culture of the sixties, Andy talks to China scholar Ralf Ruckus about the Cultural Revolution in China, during which large factions of youth competed to renew and complete the revolutionary vision of Mao. The result was a seizure of power by the PLA and an estimated 2.8 million death between 1966-1976. For more episode of Armed Love, and all other bonus material and Discord access, please become a patreon at Ralf Ruckus recently published The Left in China, an excerpt of which can be read here: He previously published The Communist Road to Capitalism: How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China's (R)evolution since 1949 Other resources mentioned: Darren Byler - Terror Capitalism Chuang: Gonggchao: China strike-map: Wu Yiching - Cultural Revolution from the Margins Telegram Link for Southwest ILC: Song: Sailing the Seas Depends On The Helmsman

  • E247 - May Day Q&A w/ Jaylien

    E247 - May Day Q&A w/ Jaylien

    We report on our visits to pro-Palestine encampments and take listener questions Join our Discord community by signing up to our Patreon! Check out the ILC BBQ in McCarren park in Williamsburg 3-7 followed by a party/screening at Woodbine: First We Take Columbia text: Communique From an Absent Future: Adam Tooze - Columbia University's "crisis" - a political economy sketch map Unrest in the MLBPA: Big Sean - Control

  • E246 - Cursed Balkan Comments w/ Empire Never Ended / Antipolitika Journal (first half)


    E246 - Cursed Balkan Comments w/ Empire Never Ended / Antipolitika Journal (first half)


    Boris and Rey from the anti-nationalist Empire Never Ended podcast and Antipolitika journal chat about the far rights in the US and ex-Yugoslavia, the legacy of Balkan nationalism, cursed Balkan Youtube comments and Greater Idaho. For the full episode, support the show at Empire Never Ended patreon: Antipolitika journal: Read: Buy: Songs: Infracrvena - Politika Ultima Videosex - Detektivska Priča