The Soap-Maker of Correggio: Leonarda Cianciulli

The Horror Comedy Potcast by Haley Pretzman and Alexis Hamlett

Episode notes

Welcome back to The Horror Comedy Potcast! It's the Summer of Serving Cunty Three, and your host Haley, a notorious bisexual, is ready to take you on a terrifying journey. As we celebrate Pride Month, get ready to be spooked while getting super stoned as our host shares a true, scary story.

We travel back in time to Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada, in the years 1975-1977, where a groundbreaking experiment took place. The entire town was given Universal Base Income, resulting in a significant drop in crime rates. But can poverty and desperation drive someone to commit unimaginable acts?

Rewind to 1893 in Montella, Italy, where a baby named Leonarda Cianciulli is born into a life of hardship and tragedy. Raised in a rural farming community, Leonarda's life takes a dark turn as she battles with a haunting fortune and a curse placed upon her by ... 

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