The Horror Comedy PotcastExplicit

by Haley P. and Jake B. Stone

We've got tokes! We've got jokes! We're gonna talk about ghosts! Join hosts Haley and Jake and guests every Sunday as we smoke some beautiful Southern Colorado marijuana and discuss the history of things that haunt us — from the origin of the haunted house attraction to a shitload of alien abductions — and then tell some chilling scary stories. Tune in Wednesdays for mini episodes where we share short, creepified scary stories... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E91 - Claustrophobia

    S01 E91 - ClaustrophobiaExplicit

    "Can you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.""What does claustrophobic mean?""It means he's afraid of santa claus!" - Spongebob SquarepantsWe're here to tell you this week, no it doesn't! Come learn about claustro...

  • S01 E90 - What is a Ouija? Who TF is ZOZO?

    S01 E90 - What is a Ouija? Who TF is ZOZO? Explicit

    This week, we talk about the history of the Ouija board and the mysterious and unfortunate lives of the people who created the "spirit board". Then we dive into Haley's horrifying Ouija/ZOZO experience, before taking the plunge in...

  • S01 E89 - The Enfield Monster

    S01 E89 - The Enfield Monster Explicit

    Ah, small towns. There's a comfort in the space between the homes, a beauty in the fields of corn that punctuate small towns. Enfield, Illinois was such a place in the Spring of 1973, when the tranquility was betrayed by something...

  • S01 E88 - Radium Girls

    S01 E88 - Radium GirlsExplicit

    This week, join Haley for a wake and bake and hear the horrifying story of The Radium Girls! Lack of safety procedures, transparency, and common human decency led to the horrifyingly slow death of 30 womhien, while corporate greed...

  • S01 E87 - Mini Episode #43: Fillipi-nooo

    S01 E87 - Mini Episode #43: Fillipi-noooExplicit

    This mini episode includes: a creepy parking garage, gang stalking, and a creep following a guy and his innocent dog. We're back baby!