S01 E03 - Episode 3: An update on West Coast wines and social justice efforts

That Fram Episode by Sheila Fram
Episode 3 adds presents an update to what social justice efforts have West Coast wineries and vineyards done. Is it enough? As a consumer, are you doing enough?
Apr 12 2023

Growing social issues have prompted West Coast wineries and vineyards to push for social justice.
An update is next.
That Fram Episode
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That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
And to wages,
And the housing for the workers in the wine industry
in this county is nil to nonexistent.
Workers are doubling up, tripling up,
ten to a room in some of our cities,
or some of them in fact are living in creek beds camping out.
And if the industry wants to call itself sustainable,
they should address this issue.
And if they're not, in my book, they're not sustainable.
If they don't address the wage issue,
they're not sustainable.
And the environment, again, is more than saving water
and more than making sure th

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