S01 E04 - Episode 4: Gender Equality Interventions and Social Justice

That Fram Episode by Sheila Fram
Let's move forward from complaining. We need to be implementing gender equality intervention programs in the workplace.
May 09 2023

We need to talk about gender equality interventions and social justice.
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That Fram Episode.
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That Fram Episode.
That Fram Episode.
That Fram Episode.
Well, hello and thank you for returning to listen to That Fram Episode.
And I hope you enjoyed Episode 3 about West Coast wines and social justice.
Right now I'm enjoying one of my favorite wines, rosés.
As I am talking with you today about Episode 4.
Episode 4, Gender Equality Interventions and Social Justice.
I think we should be moving past complaining at this point.
Research exists. There's a sufficient amount of research that exists to identify situations where gender equality interventions need to be implemented.
I have to include the definition, so let's get that on the table immediately.
The defi

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