S01 E02 - Episode 2: Let's Talk About Harassment Campaigns

That Fram Episode by Sheila Fram
Episode 2 defines civil harassment, a hate crime, a hate incident, and a harassment campaign based on California Law. The rise in hate crimes and harassment against several social groups (including the Jewish Community, the LGBTQ Community, and more) requires the need for a discussion about growing campaigns of hate.
Mar 19 2023

What is civil harassment in a hate crime in California?
Let's talk about harassment campaigns.
That Fram Episode
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The Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
That Fram Episode
A Brooklyn man is facing charges after police say he was involved in two anti-Semitic incidents over the weekend.
Investigators say 20-year-old Daniel Schauke is one of the men who yelled anti-Jewish slurs at a group in Borough Park on Saturday and then vandalized a car.
They believe the same man also punched two teens on Ocean Parkway.
Just last week hate groups projected an anti-Semitic message on the grandstands of the Daytona International Speedway.
They also passed out flyers in Volusia County neighborhoods.
And the Sheriff's Office shared this disturbing video of the group they say is responsibl

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