Empowering Women Through Life Transitions with Jade Bentwood

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Episode notes

In this episode of "She Who Leads," we sit down with Jade Bentwood, founder of TALO, a platform dedicated to supporting women in the workplace through peer-to-peer mentorship. Jade shares her journey from finance to entrepreneurship, discussing the inspiration behind TALO and its vision for empowering women through key life transitions.

We delve into Jade's experiences overcoming obstacles in her career, her proudest achievements, and the invaluable advice she's received along the way. Through the lens of women in leadership, we explore the challenges they face and how initiatives like TALO can make a difference.

Jade sheds light on the importance of addressing personal topics, such as maternity leave and menopause, in the workplace and how TALO humanises these conversations. She offers practical advice for women navigating such discu ... 

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