Make Your Career Work for You with Emma Salaman

Tea with TE: She Who Leads by Terri Lecheva

Episode notes

Join us on the latest episode of the She Who Leads podcast, titled "Make Your Career Work for You" featuring Emma Salaman, VP and Global HR Business Partner for Finance at Capgemini, the business and technology transformation partner of the world's business leaders. Emma shares insights from her remarkable career journey, reflecting on her proudest achievements, overcoming obstacles, and balancing motherhood while advancing her career. Discover strategies to maintain work-life balance, including Emma's approach to managing a four-day workweek while thriving in her career. Gain valuable insights into navigating maternity leave and returning to work and learn about Emma's role in driving diversity initiatives and empowering female leaders. Don't miss out on Emma's advice and her unique perspective, shared during the Tea with TE episode. Tune in to  ... 

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