The Tea About Cycling For Healthful Aging

Essence of Health Tea Time by Shayla Toombs-Withers, DO

Episode notes
Welcome to the Essence of Health Tea Time Podcast!Are you a former athlete who has found it challenging to “get back in the game” and enjoy your previous level of activity?Have you never considered yourself to be an athlete but would like to move more in an effort to achieve your health goals?On today’s episode Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers will be spilling “The Tea About Cycling For Healthful Aging” with guest, cycling coach, Marissa Axell.As Founder and Cycling Coach at AXN Fitness and Coaching, Marissa has used her personal and professional accomplishments combined to aid peri/post menopausal athletes in thriving through new adventures in cycling and fitness as they age.Synopsis:
  • Learn new ways to level up in your fitness safely as you age.
  • Understand how our bodies physically change as we age and how that can impact y ... 
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