Tale Number Five

Tales from Xaevalon by Tales from Xaevalon

Episode notes
Time Stamps
  • Knights of Xaevalon 1:26
  • History of Xaevalon 9:52
  • Stories of Xaevalon 18:24
Today we present to you the following stories:
  1. Knights of Xaevalon - The Great Dragon War Beings - Hear how Sir Regnalde came to kill Ezcria the Decayed, and thus beginning the Great Dragon War that changed the shape of Xaevalon forever.
  2. History of Xaevalon - The Djinn's Pyramid - Learn what the Djinns are, how to obtain their lamp, what their pyramids are like, and the high risk - high reward they offer.
  3. Stories of Xaevalon - The Frost Troll's Cave (Kriger the Mighty Barbarian). When we last left Kriger he was knocked out by a Druagr. Now he finds himself prisoned in a Frost Troll's Cave.
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