Tale Number Four

Tales from Xaevalon by Tales from Xaevalon

Episode notes
Time Stamps
  • Knights of Xaevalon 1:23
  • History of Xaevalon 10:38
  • Stories of Xaevalon 19:54
Today we present to you the following stories:
  1. Knights of Xaevalon - How Sir Reginalde Decided to Kill Ezcria the Decayed. Hear how an attack on Knaerwood Castle by the Giant Bats lead Sir Reginalde to realize that evil needed to be eradicated before they could kill.
  2. History of Xaevalon - The Rise and Fall of the Goblins. Learn how the goblins were created, and how they nearly slaughtered and ensalved all humans and elves. All before they themselves were slaughtered by the Knights of Odre Sacre.
  3. Stories of Xaevalon - How Rhouzhul the Soul Eater got the Cursed Armor. Hear how one man's devious plan to trick a woman into marrying him led to an evil necromancer finding the Cursed Armor of the first goblin, Ez ... 
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