Tale Number One

Tales from Xaevalon by Tales from Xaevalon

Episode notes

Time stamps:

Knights of Xaevalon 1:23.

History of Xaevalon 11:34.

Stories of Xaevalon 20:19.

Tale number one contains the following stories. From the Knights of Xaevalon, we hear how Sir Reginalde the Dragonslayer found himself on a rowboat in the middle of the deadly Dread Sea. From the History of Xaevalon, we learn about the History of Emerald Rot, a terrible disease that infected hundreds of people living in the city of Rats Squalor. We learn how emerald rot became to be, and what the King did to stop its spread.From Stories of Xaevalon, we learn about a young mother who to pay off her late husband's debt, began working in a brothel. We hear about her son, who wanted nothing more than to become a knight, and the tragedy that befell him.If you are interested in collaboration or contributing to Tales from Xaevalon, ema ... 

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