"Going Dark" Part Two

Tales From The Crit by Riley Groves, Connor Bossleman, Rebecca Groves, Derrick Saviano, Mike Sears, and more!

Episode notes

Our team of special agents FINALLY make it to the mall with Fanny for her meet an greet but her sporadic nature and over the top personality throw some wrenches into the day. As enemy agents catch up with the group they are forced to dig deep into their skill sets to protect the package and get paid. DISCLAIMER: When we recorded "Going Dark" we did not pay attention to play time and never recorded a question from our Pod Deck Interview Deck and as such we didn't get to know each other any better than usual. If you enjoy that part of the episodes we're sorry. However, if you hate getting to know us then you're in luck. Also, we missed out on getting a solid after credits scene. Content Warnings: Adult language, Violence, Child Harm