Tales From The CritExplicit

by Riley Groves, Connor Bossleman, Rebecca Groves, Derrick Saviano, Mike Sears,

We are an actual play podcast making our way through smaller story arcs of more popular and lesser known RPG systems, highly narrative tabletop games and mirco-rpgs. We feature a revolving cast of players exploring a wide variety of genres. Come check out our adventures guided by the Crit Keeper, Riley Groves! May not be suitable for children. Content warnings can be found in the episode's description. New episodes every other ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E15 - "Blossoms Never Say Die" Part One

    S01 E15 - "Blossoms Never Say Die" Part OneExplicit

    On this episode our guests, Rebecca, Tim and Anna play as intrepid Brave Blossoms in Badgequest. It turns out, being a Girl Scout isn't easy work. Especially during cookie selling season. As our scout troop sets out to break the r...

  • S01 E14 - Escape the Dark Sector

    S01 E14 - Escape the Dark SectorExplicit

    Join us as we play our first highly narrative table top game on Tales From The Crit, Escape the Dark Sector, whereas we play four lutenants, lutenents, luitenants...(does anyone actually know how to spell Lieutenant?) working to e...

  • S01 E13 - NOW WE RAID!

    S01 E13 - NOW WE RAID!Explicit

    Stephan, Mikey and Derrick get to fulfill their lifelong dream of going on a Viking raid! When Henrich claims the right to lead the first raid of summer he takes along a redcap berserker, Vlad, a family man, Wolfgang, and a shield...

  • S01 E12 - "Going Dark" Part Two

    S01 E12 - "Going Dark" Part TwoExplicit

    Our team of special agents FINALLY make it to the mall with Fanny for her meet an greet but her sporadic nature and over the top personality throw some wrenches into the day. As enemy agents catch up with the group they are forced...

  • S01 E11 - "Going Dark" Part One

    S01 E11 - "Going Dark" Part OneExplicit

    Three washed up members of different military organizations running their own security service are hired to protect Fanny, a teenage social media influencer who has been receiving death threats from a shadowy organization. Will th...