"We'll Call 'Em Pals" Finale!

Tales From The Crit by Riley Groves, Connor Bossleman, Rebecca Groves, Derrick Saviano, Mike Sears, and more!

Episode notes

After spending the morning grinding out some hard earned XP Maple, George, and Poplar head over to the Pal Center to meet with Nurse Euphoria and get their pals back to full health in order to test them out at the Strong Boi Center. Before they do that though, they take care of a few last things in town and visit Michelle, the Bird Scientist, and get their hands on some Better Pal Traps then head over to the Science Dome and Maple trades his level 10 Loglett for a new and exciting pal!

Finally, the boys kick open the doors to the Strong Boi Center ready to take on whoever lies within!

Content Warnings: Language, Fantasy Violence

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