Swords and SatireExplicit

by Jamie Mockel, Cassidy Williams, Jack Olander

We are your fantasy hosts three - Jamie, Cassidy, and Jack - and we take a critical and hilarious approach to discussing fantasy media of all types, but mainly movies and shows. We are all lifelong scholars, who love to analyze the media we consume, but can't help joking around as well, because we are silly people at heart. On Swords & Satire we review both classic and modern fantasy movies and shows, and take an in depth look ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E171 - Episode 171 - Gremlins

    E171 - Episode 171 - GremlinsExplicit

    To start off our holiday movie coverage we thought we would talk about a classic holiday movie about the horror of the suburbs. Turns out there were a lot of details we forgot about or overlooked before that jumped out at us this ...

  • E170 - Episode 170 - Disenchanted

    E170 - Episode 170 - DisenchantedExplicit

    We were so excited to share our thoughts about this film with you all, since we covered the first movie, Enchanted, on our show and we wrote a sequel for one of our Rewriting History movie pitch episodes (which you can find on our...

  • E169 - Episode 169 - The Secret of Nimh

    E169 - Episode 169 - The Secret of NimhExplicit

    We have a rare gem for you, our faithful listeners, in our discussion this week of the whimsical fantasy film about death, torture, and constant threat of bodily harm, The Secret of Nimh! And you may be surprised that a film from ...

  • E168 - Episode 168 - The Secret World of Arrietty

    E168 - Episode 168 - The Secret World of ArriettyExplicit

    This week we cover a whimsical tale of a young girl, named Arrietty, going on her first “borrowing” mission with her father, and the sickly boy, named Shawn, who just will not leave her alone. Both Shawn and Arrietty struggle to f...

  • E167 - Episode 167 - Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

    E167 - Episode 167 - Everything, Everywhere, All At OnceExplicit

    Your life so far has been mostly uneventful and you're wondering if you will die with any sense of real accomplishment when you think back on what you have done with your life. Your husband wants to leave you and your daughter wan...