Learning from International Transitions with Jane and Valérie

Successful Student Transitions - A Time to Thrive by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies

Episode notes

In this Voices in Transition Episode we are pleased to share our conversation with Jane Barron and Valérie Besanceney from SPAN (Safe Passage Across Networks).

Elizabeth, Jane and Valérie discuss:

  • The work that SPAN does to support student, parents and families in transition.

  • How impact unmanaged mobility can have on learning.

  • The importance of leaving well to arrive well.

  • The transition cycle and why understanding transition as a process helps to ride the waves of change.

  • The importance of comfort and support in transition success.

  • The value of self-compassion in times of transition.

  • Why transition skills are THE skills for the 21st century.

  • What Jane and Valérie have learned through the ... 

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